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Wood pickups sets not available at this time



There is no way to describe the amazing tone of our wooden pickups. These are not
simply wood-covered pickups, they are wound on wooden bobbins as well.
True vintage tone and more!!!!!  Wooden pickups have more color, output, smoothness,
sustain and clarity. They are absolutely stunning!
Yes, they are expensive to build, but they are well worth the extra money. We’ll be
so bold as to say that you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding pickup.
Not only will you be blown away with the tone, you will be overtaken by their
beauty, as well. 
Be the first on your block to have a set!
Contact us at 209-271-6387 to order.


Telewoodys come standard with Reed James Custom gold zinc plated steel alloy plate, designed By Reed James ENG , that produces the true vintage balls and tone that you are looking for in a tele bridge pickup, and will never turn green and contains Zero lead. We feel it is a superior base plate then the 50s style copper plating, and is just an improvement of the original concept.. this pickup is made just like the vintage tele pickups . using wood for flat work, pull back vintage corret leads poted in bees wax the front pickup has no cover and is wound with 42 AWG wire. It has a strat like tone full fat and bell like, and for the bridge pickups hold on to your hats and welcom to tele heaven.

 RobowoundTM hand winding emulation. For hand wound email for quote. Vintage correct formvar email for quote

Telewoodies Set Exotic Woods $225.00

More woods are avalible. If you see a wood on my sample page not listed here, just send a note with your order.

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Woodcaster Sets $250

The Woodcaster Set is designed as a direct replacement and will fit fender style route and pick-guard with no routing.







As for tone, everyone who plays a set of Reed James Woodbuckers has to have them and can never go back to plastic bobbins. OK they're expensive, but you get what you pay for. Ask anyone who has a set of my Custom Woodbuckers "they sound better then they look".

Please note that since Woodbucker Sets are made to order just for you, winding and assembly happen after the order is accepted.




Woodbuckers set's American and exotic hard woods

chose the dc resitance of your brige pickup

buld what you want chose your magnets and your wood




 for more options and custom sets contact me

wood bobbins

Black walnut wood shim

Nickel silver base pate

True vintage spec braided pullback shielded leads 18 “ long

1022 Steel Fillister Head screws nickel are gold plated

Zinc plated keeper bars

Wound with the Robowinder™

accurate winding pattern duplication of a real 1950s PAF

  Ultimate sweet vintage tone with more

Please note that after 9k. its not recommended to use the PAF duplicate winding pattern 


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Tele woodys and Wood Srat sets



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WoodBuckers and ring sets




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Fore the finest exotic wood Guitars that money can buy. click the photo to go to woody wood casters page

Woody wood caster


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