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We have bean real busy hear thanks for you patience.

Reed James custom bass pickups are 100% custom made. The covers are custom CNC machined not vacuumed molded from cheep plastic. And can be built custom to your specs. your choice of exotic woods or Delrin®  for custom work call 209-271-3937

Wooden and custom Bass Humbucker


dc resitance
sting spacing


Aria Super Bass Exotic Wood Replacement pickups
Price is for one pickup
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dc resitance


 P Bass and Jass Bass Exotic Wood replacement pickups

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1953 Precision Bass exotic wood pickup
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Custom Music Man 4 String and 5 Sting





More coming Soon

if you have a bass and need pickups that i dont list please contact me 

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here is the response i got back from John Wise (Yellow Dot project)

He Has The First Set.


 Hello Jim.They're incredible...I went straight from your house to band practice with Wilbur. It wasn't my amp there, and i only played for 20 minutes or so, but I could hear, feel and play the difference....Today on my amp i got to play around awhile and man!....At low amp volume levels the bottom end was still huge, that was normal volume, it felt like i almost had a faster playing, better instrument. I did not find the "transparency" any sort of problem, i just hear my fingers slide around now a bit....All my notes sound even across the neck!!!.....I hear an awesome growl and grind especially around the 3rd fret G and C notes....the high notes are all there now, and they sound very natural, without the "metallic"sound.....The pickups are beautiful!!....I havent had to set the bass up any differently yet........i'll get back to you with more feedback....I'm looking forward to gigging withYellow Dot Project on Saturday. I'll let you know how they do.....Thanks again. john
my bass actually spent the night in my room last night]

 ..good news and bad news........the bad news is i forgot to plug in my 15" speaker cabinet and played only on my 2-10" speakers in a mediuim sized room....I thought i sounded ,maybe, a little weak, but did'nt notice that i hadnt plugged in my 15"....the good news is, the only reason i sounded as good as i did is because of your pickups..I guarantee you any other gig or time i plugged in, needed some bottom and volume, with my old pickups, i would have noticed my big speaker was'nt plugged in...The truth is, i sounded great and powerful without 1/2 my rig........This Saturday i've got an outdoor gig and i'm going to give them a real workout!.......My drummer right away noticed a thicker, wider sound out of the low notes also.....{by the way, i wore your t-shirt at the show, and we'll get some video uploaded to you-tube.} thanks again and talk to you soon, john ----------------- Original Message -----------------

Well, I'm the first on the block to own a set of exotic Bass Pickups for my P/J Fender from Reed James Custom Pickups!

A friend told me about Jim and his custom guitar pickups about 6 months ago, and said they were the best he had ever heard. I contacted Jim, and we talked about a set of custom exotic pickups and what I needed in the tone department! We agreed on what my needs were and Jim went to work just after I placed my order.

A few weeks later, my new pickups came, and I went straight to the garage to install them.

As I started to install them, found out the holes did not line up on the "P" pickup mounting holes, so I shot a e-mail to Jim and let him what was going on with my set. My Fender is a Mexican model, and the pickup holes were drilled a bit different than the American Fenders.

Jim asked if I could send him my Bass, so he could see what was going on and re-tool the spec's for my Bass. A few days later I received a call from Jim, stating the Bass was finished, and was I in for a treat.

Not only did he get the bugs worked out as the Prototype P/J Bass, but to my surprise, I had the new version, "Maccasser Ebony & Coco Bolo" pickups. Now if you are a Bass player, you know where the passive Basses loose their punch, up the neck and everything goes flat.

I am here to tell you these are the greatest sounding pickups I have ever heard. Strong, clean bottom, punchy/crunchy, and the mid and upper range is very positive. The spec's of this set are in Jims Web site "Exotic Bass Pickups". I run my Fender through a RL-1000 Carvin Amp/w 4 10" and or a 15" cab, and the tone is out of this world.

If you want the best in Bass tone, check out Jims products, you won't be sorry.

Phil Parshey

Posted by Philip on Nov 24, 2008 3:48 PM
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wood P-bass pickups.

exotic wood precision bass pickup.

p-bass woody. 


# 1 choice for tone

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