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At Reed James Engineering we listen to our customers. We want to have a conversation with you about your personal tone and playing style. So we can build you the custom pickup that 100% meets your needs. We will walk with you side by side and will be your partner on your quest for tone.

Ask anyone who plays Reed James Custom pickups, and they will tell you: This is my pickup. This is my tone.

4 sting and 5 String bass bucker  A5 magnets split are full humbucker

DX5 shape and EMG shape

and direct replacement for Ibanez SRX705 NT 

full clear even round tone this pickup will work with the existing electronics

are you can chose to go passive , 

it will beatify your bass And it sounds better then it looks

my Bassbuckers will inprove the tone of any Bass

routing template available for building that sweet custom bass

for other wood options on my wood sample page not listed and if you need custom specs email me

we make them in standed EMG and SD shape also DX5 shape are any think you need

Click below for print


dc resitance
sting spacing

4 String bass bucker  A5 magnets split are full humbucker 


dc resitance
pickup style


Alnico 5 magnets cotton fiber bobbin flat work and  wound with 42 awg wire.

Unlike cheep Korean pickups it is not encapsulated in epoxy,  that means it can be repaired. 

 The coils are Potted in my custom potting wax to eliminate mechanical feed back.

4 conductor leads for going from humbucker to single coil.

Don’t be fooled this is by far one of the best in bass humbuckers in the industry.

You will be blown away with the full round clear even string attack

wound to your playing style. also other shapes and 5 sting coming soon.

Routing template available,  this pickup is exact replacement for many Ibanez and Dean basses

The wooden bass buckers start at $150 and up depending on wood you chose

if you need other options call 209-271-3937

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# 1 choice for tone

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