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Tele sets come standard with Reed James Custom gold zinc plated steel alloy plate, designed By Reed James ENG , that produces the true vintage balls and tone that you are looking for in a tele bridge pickup, and will never turn green and contains Zero lead. We feel it is a superior base plate then the 50s style copper plating, and is just an improvement of the original concept.   

Copper plated steel and bronze by request  plain enamel and are formvar magnetic wire available for extra charge  email for quote

Choice of magnets no extra charge Alnico 2, Alnico 3, standard is A5


$175 for the set


Here again is a true vintage made pickup. This was the first production electric guitar pickup ever made. We make our Tele pickups just like the first vintage broadcaster, the beginning of Leo Fenders fame. The early broadcaster no-caster and telecaster pickups are very prized and hard to come by, and are known for there fat powerful snap and twang that made the early guitars popular. Well guess what? Here it is back for you to enjoy! Built with USA made vulcanized fiber and sand cast Alnico 5 magnet pole pieces. Alnico 3 by request .

We hand assemble and hand wind each bobbin.

We wrap the coil with 100% virgin Cotton yarn, attach true vintage spec lacquered cloth, pull back wire leads and then pot them in virgin bees wax and paraffin.



# 1 choice for tone

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