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Vintage PAF Style Pickups  $125




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Standard PAF Style no cover $100. each




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Nickle silver covered woodbuckers $285 for the set with maple or walnut rings




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All Reed James Robowound ™ PAF Pickups come with a Certificate of Authenticity and DC info card. the card info is documented we are doing this due to the fact that it is easy to peel off the sticker and add it to a set that was not made by Reed James ENG. and pawn them off as a set of my pickups. Every card is numbered and signed by Me personally. If you run into someone selling a set of my pickups out side my site make sure there is a singned Certificate and info card with the set 



The original PAF was wound on a Leesona 102, coil winding machine.

No such thing as a vintage hand wound PAF. 

In 1963 Gibson switch form plain enamel pickup wire to poly coated magnetic wire

About the Robowinder™

The Robowinder™ is a digitized Coil winding robot accrete with in  .0001 of an inch and capable of feed rates of 0-3000 IPM and Spindle speeds 0-1500 RPM.  It also incorporates a digitized tension mechanism. This machine was designed By Reed James Eng to accurately duplicate winding patterns of pickup coils . Magnifying the pickup coil with a digital optical comparator. We are able to calculate the distance and angle for the layers per turn of the winding pattern. Then calculate feed rates and duplicate the winding of the coil. Three major things affect the tone of the pickup coil . resistance, inductance, and capacitance. the coil winding pattern plays a huge part in affecting all three. Therefore if the coil pattern is duplicated, it's a major foundation for replicating the tone of the pickup. Now its up to magnets base plates and other materials. Some have no sonic changes and some of them do . Gibson randomly used Alnico each magnet type has  deferent tone .So if you looking for that perfect vintage PAF tone this is it . for 50s style we use single build plain enamel magnetic wire vintage correct as the build of the wire also has an effect on the capacitance. for the 60s style we use single build poly coated magnetic wire correct to what they started to use in the early sixties. It is debatable rather the coating of the magnetic wire has sonic deference. But the build of the coating defiantly effects the tone. And know this. there is only one other way to duplicate the winding pattern of the original PAF ! Is on a Leesona 102 winding machine that Gibson owned. that 1940s Leesona 102 very unstable machine  . But the Robowinder™ can duplicate even the most minute inconsistent Winding patterns

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