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The New RJ NEO A5 is here NEOA5 set of pickups. Based on the VVN RJNEO set, the new pickups differentiate themselves by creating a relationship between the neodymium magnets and vintage Alnico 5 rod magnets.

“We mated precise amounts of each magnet material to create the magnetic pull and field in order to obtain our desired results Has the vintage peak of standard A5 Jazz bass pickups with the modern dynamics and output while maintaining the completely noiseless operation



The RJ NEO pickups are a passive pickup design using a unique configuration designed by Reed James Engineering. The RJ NEO utilizes Neodymium rare earth magnets. You will find that the RJ NEO pickups are Versatile and articulate.Also will have a wide tonal sweep to dial in virtually any tone you desire. Smooth finger style to funky slap. Enhanced harmonic detail and note to note definition, places the RJ NEO soap bar pickup in a class of its own. Be the first on your block to have a set. Available in virtually any soap bar shape.

 Now available: Cream ABS covers on request




Many soap bar shapes available for standard sizes if you do not see your pickup size on the drop down list , please fill out and send form  with A and B dimensions below. And I'll get back with you ASAP






Here is another innovative design from Reed James engineering a cross between modern and vintage single coil tone in noiseless operation . This pickup also incorporates exposed poles that are individually charge by tiny neodymium magnets. They come in 4 string 5 string standard but will also be available in custom wood covers and 6 string sizes for custom order, for now all orders are build to order but soon will be on the shelf.4string set $225 5 string set $250 for custom size call 209-271-3937



New the RJ NEO MM 4 and 5 sting dual blad pickup, Now Reed James Engineering is proud to offer THE RJNEO DUAL BLADE MM 5 string and 4 string pickups Now that Reed James Eng Signature RJ NEO Tone in a MM style Pickup Sweet spot and sets. This pickup will be know as >>......... The Andres Cervantes Signature RJ NEO MM pickup $150 each discounts on sets Email are call 209-271-3937 to order 



The Vintage modern ALNEO™ The clear tone of the Neo's and the A5 Growl combined together for the first time. The ALNEO™ Soap bar pickup has amazing vintage overtones mixed with modern overtones. With four conductor lead wires you can switch from full humbucker to vintage jazz bass to parallel to Neo single coil. One coil is blade and the other is poles and will come in 16,17,18 or 19 mm string spacing.
The ALNEO™ Soap bar Bass pickup is completely shielded and encapsulated in epoxy for noise free operation and to eliminate mechanical feedback. It uses neodymium and ALNICO together in one pickup. One coil is built like a vintage Jazz bass pickup and the other is a neodymium magnet powered coil. The ALNEO™ Soap bar comes is many standard soap bar shapes in black ABS plastic covers, custom wood cover also availaable  

string spacing


The RJ NEO Aria super Bass pickup.


Want to have a modern tone from your prized SB bass, but don't want to change the look? Here it is Clear and articulate with slapping highs ,warm mid's and detailed lows. The one only neodymium replacement pickup for the SB bass turn that classic in to that custom modern axe.


New Shape The RJ NEO thin soap bar This pickup has a lot of dynamics harmonic detail and articulation.. Available  in sizes

.850 x 4.133 (21.5 x 104.9mm ) , .850 x 4.7  (21.5 x  119.38 mm ),   .850 x 5.125 ( 21.5 x 130.175) and  0.9325 x 5.5325 (24mm x 141mm) 




Stylish CNC Disclaimers: 

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.Machined black ABS plastic covers with matte finish

cutting edge neodymium magnetic design.
*Pickup is completely shielded for noise free operation .
*Encapsulated in epoxy potting compound to eliminate mechanical feedback.
*Available in dual blade humbucker or split blade humbuckers
*Four lead conductors can be wired in a series or parallel
*Sets are calibrated for balance between the front and back pickup

I will be offering any shape soap bar style pickups. The covers are CNC milled in my shop so I can do custom shapes for a small up charge. Plus all the cover shapes. I will also be offering them as a custom order with exotic wood shells.




Your contact information: And specified custom requirements
Full name:
Email address:
Telephone number:
Dimensions :
B Dimensions :

 Wire color Code


Here are some of the latest feed back from the RJ neo's
Ramiro Vega Jr
Reed I can't believe the difference my bass sounds with the R neo pick ups. Now I have the highs that were missing . The pick ups I had in there before were great but the mahogany body and the walnut top was not allowing the highs so come out. So now that I installed the neos I'm am truly happy with the sound of my bass. More than enough lows growling mids and crispy highs. Now I have the slap tone that this bass was missing. Thanks a million. Now I'm keeping my Stambaugh :)

Alex Kalicinski posted a photo to your Wall.
For anyone interested in the RJNeos. I've been testing these pickups, and found a few things that have set themselves apart from other higher end pickups i've used. The most noticeable attribute is the tonal range. You can dial in tones, from SUPERRRR FAT lows (almost sounding like using flatwounds) to twangy piercing(almost telecaster) highs. In the middle of that range you are able to dial out any mid tones you like. The great thing about having so much control is being able to dial in just what you want for the technique you use. From twangy Victor Wooten-ish slap tones to growling Marcus Miller like tones. But not just for slapping. There are just as many fingerstyle tones. Sharp and round to the extreme if you want. As a player that utilizes tapping techniques, I have so much use in treble which I get so much out of. I have noticed that my tone is more full and even. I installed them on a Cort Curbow, replacing a Bartolini Mk1. Before it sounded like it was in to way made out of wood. Which its not. No girth or warmth to my tone. After switching them out my bass sounds sooo much more alive. There is so much more of a body to my sound. I cant imagine the difference it would make on a high end bass.


# 1 choice for tone

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