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Vintage single coils not available only custom order


logo.JPGIf you’re looking for true vintage Stratocaster tone of the 50s ,60s and 70s here it is.

Think SRV, Jimmy Hendrix, and many guitar legends that have used the signature tone of a vintage Stratocaster to make it to the top.  

Full fat bell like tones that have been lost in the new production instruments.

Our single coil pickups are made with USA made vulcanized fiber and sand cast alnico 5 magnet pole pieces.

We hand assemble and Scatter wind each bobbin, and attach true vintage spec lacquered cloth pull back wire leads.

We then pot them in virgin bees wax and paraffin. 

Your choice of magnets and magnetic wire.

Stratocaster replacement pickup set starting at $155

extra for  formvar and Plain enamel magnetic wire

vintage staggered pole magnet black bottoms, flat pole magnets gray bottoms


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Strat replacement pickup starting at  $60 each



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