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Reed James Custom P-bass and J-bass are available in three different styles. Polly vintage style are made with black vulcanized fiber flat work ,70.s style leads and potted in paraffin & bee’s wax wound with modern poly magnetic wire. Perfect for that import bass, in need of a vintage tone, for a moderate price.  The 60’s style are built with 60’s style flat work hand beveled A5 poles and vintage correct pull back leads potted in bee’s wax wound with vintage correct heavy formvar magnetic wire. The 70’s style with gray vulcanized fiber, vintage correct plastic leads, wound with vintage correct plain enamel magnetic wire and potted in amber tinted nitro lacquer. To give it that aged look will, pot in bees wax on request .

 All pickups come with vintage correct covers

 Vintage style Poly Jazz bass set


set /single

Vintage style 60's style jazz bass set


set /single
dc resitance


Vintage stlye 70's


set /single
dc resitance

Vintage Style P-Bass Pickups $70 per set .

I will under wind or over wind at your request.



testomnals of Reed James Jass Bass pickups

Carl Curreri

James replaced the pickups on my 1974 fender jazz bass. The sound of my bass has great tone, bottom mid and the bridge pickup sounds fantastic. Talking with Jim on the phone he set the bridge pickup exactly the way I wanted it for slap style or finger style playing. Great sounding pickups and no humming. Thanks James.

Carl Curreri 5/17/2010



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